Terms and Conditions of the Online Casino Service

when entering the web-site, the online casino, in opening an account on the web-site, in online casino game, in usage and re-usage of the account, participation in the game, and the receipt of any winnings. The Client hereby confirms the follows:

1. Client Responsibilities
1. The Client completely understands the given rules, regulations, requirements, terms and conditions; agrees and follows them. He also agrees that given rules, regulations, requirements, terms and conditions may be periodically changed without the prior notification.
2. The Client is of full legal age and legally fully capable in the country of his nationality or residence.
3. The Client agrees that the web-site content and online casino software is aimed to be used in personal and non-commercial interest. The Client is obliged not to copy, produce or publish any of the elements of the web-site content of the online casino or its software.
4. When registering in the online casino the Client accepts all conditions of topping up the account of the game using payment systems presented by the Administration and they are obliged to follow the instructions strictly. During the topping up of the game account the online casino doesn’t charge the commission fees. The commission is charged by the payment systems.
5. The Client agrees to provide true, accurate, current and complete information to identify that the person is of full legal age, the payment of winnings and unlocking the account. If necessary, the online casino reserves the right to demand a scanned copy of the documents confirming the identity of the Client.
6. Residents of United Kingdom, Costa Rica, USA or any other US territory are not allowed to open an account or in any way use the gaming services offered by our company.
7. Gambling online may be illegal within the jurisdiction of the country in which the Client is located. In this case the resource Administration prohibits the Customer to use a payment card to make a paying. The responsibility for violation of the laws concerning online gambling in the country of nationality or residence of the cardholder, places solely upon the cardholder
8. The Client confirms by the registration in the online casino that he is informed about possible current limitations on online gambling in the country of the Client’s residence and citizenship. He also declares that his further actions will be done in accordance to the law of the country of his residence and citizenship. The full juridical, financial and other types of responsibility for violation of legislative norms is placed solely upon the Client by the Administration while using the resource.
9. As of while the game, the online casino reserves the right to block the Client’s account if the player is the resident of one of the countries where there are legislative prohibitions or limitations according to online gambling with the raising funds in the Internet. If the owner of the bank card used it to top up the account he takes his own responsibility for non-compliance the requirements of the legislation of his own country concerning the gambling for money on the Internet.

2. Reasons for refusal to provide services (use of the website):
1.Implementation of fraud
1. The use of more than two documentary unconfirmed sim-cards.
2. The use of bank cards to withdraw funds, different from the bank cards, from which the game account is topped up. .
3. Unauthorized intervention in the software work of the website.
4. For the usage of online casino resources in the aim of exchange operations and money-laundering (The AML policy).
2. Creation of more then one account.
3. Providing of inaccurate information in the Client’s form.
4. Online casino blocks the Client’s gaming account for an intentional violation of the rules till the Administration ascertain the circumstances and decision.
5. While blocking the Client’s account registration data needs to be removed. Payment of money from the gaming account is made by decision of the Administration.

3. Online casino Services:
1. Online casino Services (the usage of the web-site) are available in the form in which the online casino considers it is necessary to provide them.
2. Online casino doesn’t take any responsibility for the outage of the Client’s computer equipment and problems with the Internet access.
3. If there are any technical problems that may occur due to the fault of the Administration the online casino guarantees their elimination in the shortest possible time.
4. Online casino reserves the right to do the preventive maintenance of its hardware and software without the prior notification of the Client.
5. In case of force majeure circumstances that led to the system failure the cancellation of all bets and results is possible. The Administration of Online casino makes the decision concerning the controversial situations.

4. Payments:
1. The Conditions of receiving payments (cash)
1. Specifying of passport data;
2. The identity of requisites of the input and output of funds;
3. The absence of the fraud actions.
2. The Client can receive the winnings in the same way as he made the payments. Online casino doesn’t charge the commission when paying the winnings.
3. The maximum daily payout is 250 US dollars. The maximum daily amount of payments on the balance of the mobile phone is 120 US dollars.
4. The Administration has the right to divide the application into several ones and represent them instead of the original in the list of applications, and without changing the total amount of payment if there is a situation when the amount of exposed application exceeds the maximum amount set by the regulation of the payment system to which the transfer is made.
5. In case of technical problems with the payment transaction online casino reserves the right to pay the winnings in a way different to the method of payment specified by the Client. 
6. The request for the payout of the cash from the game account to the Client is processed within two business banking days. The request for processing time can be changed up to 5 business banking days if online casino carries out the technical works.
7. The request for payment to the Client may be not earlier than 15 minutes after the last game session in the online casino.

5. Other terms and conditions
1. Online Casino guarantees the confidentiality of the Client's personal data, except of cases provided by the law.
2. You can get all information about the rules and the timing of the promotions at Support Service. The Administration of the online casino reserves the right to refuse the particular Client the participation in any promotions without the prior notification.
3. The Support Service explains and provides information related to the Client’s game activity. Basic rules of getting the service are available on the website for Clients. All situations that are not described by the rules of providing services are fixed by the Support Service and are redirected to the Administration for consideration and further decisions. The Client is notified about the conclusion of the Administration via an e-mail letter.
4. Providing the reference information related to the gaming activity and bringing the decision of the Administration to the Client falls within the competence of the Support Service. The Administration reserves the right not to comment on the taken decisions.
5. Online casino doesn’t send the non-requested information via e-mail (‘spamming’). The Clients receive mailing into the e-mail boxes (which were specified by them during the registration) from online casino with the information about the statues of their gaming account. .
6. The Administration of online casino reserves the right to publish the name (without indication of surname) and the city (town) / country of the Client in: the Hall of Fame of online casino; the list of the recent wins; other materials at the discretion of the Administration of online casino.
7. All disputable issues related to compliance with the rules can be solved when the Client appeals the application with the description of the situation to the Administration of online casino. For Feedback it is necessary to specify the contact number and login of the Client in the letter.

These Regulations are valid and approved by the Administration of the online casino.