Client Verification



A Client can be any natural person, group of two people that satisfies the requirements of the company’s Terms and holds an active Account. Each Client shall be classified by definition as Client, unless and until otherwise requested.

Client Applicant

An entity, individual or group, which has accepted the Terms of COMPANY but has not yet completed the Account Opening Procedure of the company.

Client Account

Client Accounts can be accessed via registration through the personal login credentials of the Client / Client Applicant.


The Client Agreement shall commence once the Client Applicant receives his/her first confirmation from COMPANY that his/her Client Account has been approved by the company.


Before becoming a client of COMPANY, each Applicant must complete the company’s Account Opening Procedure which has been created in-line with the AML Policy of COMPANY.

The Account Opening Procedure requires that Applicants must submit specific information and documents to be reviewed by COMPANY before the company can approve their Client Accounts and start providing its services.

Required Information

Each new Client Applicant of COMPANY has to provide the following information as an absolute minimum when signing-up for the company’s services:

- Client Names

- Date of Birth

- Address

- E-mail address

The Company will verify the e-mail provided by the Applicant by sending a verification message to the provided e-mail address and requesting the Client Applicant to confirm it by following a unique link provided within. Applicants who do not confirm their e-mails by clicking on the provided verification link will not be able to continue with the Account Opening Procedure.

Required Documents

Client Applicants of COMPANY have to submit specific documents, depending on the type of Client Account being organized in order to confirm their Identity and Address.


- One valid (not expired) Government Issued Picture ID document. For example: National ID Card (both front and back side), Driver’s License (both front and back side), Passport.

- Any of the following documents showing the Names and current address of the Applicant. The Document must be not older than three months: Bank Statement, Utility Bill (gas, water, electric or land line telephone), Credit Card Statement. Please note, mobile phone bills are not accepted!

In some cases COMPANY might request additional documents before approving the client application. All document images / scans must be of high quality and in full color. ID Cards and other ID documents in Card format must be scanned both front and back-side. ID documents, which are not showing the Applicant’s date of birth will not be accepted.

Client Applicants must upload their documents and send them via their registered e-mail.

Client Account Approval and Activation

Once all required documents and information have been submitted by the Applicant, COMPANY will review the application and provide the Applicant with its decision via e-mail within one business day (24 hours).

COMPANY reserves the right to reject a client application at its discretion and without providing any justification for its actions.

A Client Account with the company is considered to have been activated once the client has received an e-mail from COMPANY informing him of the fact.